Feel the Bakiga rhythm


Dance in the hills of Bwindi

The Kiga dance, local to Buhoma is one of the key dances of the region’s Bakiga tribe.  We welcome you to join us and learn – you even get to wear traditional dress.

The Kiga dance is a celebratory dance demonstrating happiness.  The dancing of the Bakiga tribe is known for its show of strength with stamping aplenty!  It is a huge amount of fun and great exercise all in the stunning setting of the Bwindi Impenetrable forest, home to Uganda’s mountain gorillas.

We recommend combining this typically hour long activity with our Traditional Cooking activity.


1 hour


  • Coffee/tea break in the beautiful new dining hall, with home made doughnuts and cinnamon bread made onsite using a local recipe (we will even share the recipe!)

We learnt about the Bakiga tribe and the origins of the Kiga dance. Eve and the ladies taught us piece by piece, building our confidence until we were able to do the whole thing. Such great fun.
— Miriam, Germany