Doreen Akampurira


Prior to investing in the additional stock Doreen was unable to meet the demand she was seeing and at the same time finding it difficult to manage the cost of running her home, supporting her family and covering much needed school fees of her two boys and two girls.

Sales are going well both from the home store and out at the local markets where Doreen trades.  She is on track with the loan repayments and is already able to cover most of the home and school costs making home life somewhat more comfortable and positive.

Doreen is highly enthused by her success so far and of R4W commented:

“The loan really works for the women here.  Interest is reasonable – we would not be able to meet the requirements of a typical bank loan. R4W have created a real community spirit with the work they do and with the microfinance scheme; we are encouraged to support one another and women are able to continually work on improving their skills and knowledge.”

Sharon Hedges