Supporting female entrepreneurs


Empowering women in Bwindi

The Ride 4 a Woman microfinance scheme has created a real buzz in the Bwindi Buhoma community.

Women who were perhaps without a job at all or employed to dig fields all day every day to earn a tiny wage are now getting the chance to do more skilled work for better money.

Their fundamental goals are to help cover the basic cost of living; the ability to buy food, salt, soap and clothing and critically to be able to educate their children.

Those engaging in the scheme are gaining new skills, both business and social, gained from engaging with suppliers and customers and with the management team of R4W.

They are improving their day to day quality of life and as a result are happier, more productive and active members of an increasingly thriving community.

Supporting us

While loan interest is charged the scheme is increasing in popularity and replenishing funds an ongoing challenge. We are continually looking at ways to ensure the funding does not run out so if female empowerment and entrepreneurship are passions of yours we would very much appreciate your support.



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