Safe water for Buhoma


Clean Water for the Community

Ride 4 a Woman was set up in 2009 and during those early years the team witnessed terrible suffering in the Buhoma community due to water-borne diseases including Cholera.

Clean water was essential for the community to stay safe, healthy and productive and so in 2015, thanks to the substantial donations and efforts of two long-term overseas supporters of a charity, investment in a new Safe Water initiative took place.

Six Bio Water filters and one electric powered filter were installed and 500 Jerry cans were donated by a Ugandan-based travel agent for distribution across the community.

Today over 150 litres of clean water are provided each day and water-borne disease is no longer a major issue in the community.

We are now fundraising to enable the purchase of water filters for the 300 members of Ride 4 a Woman, with the goal of installing them directly in their homes and eliminating the need for the long walk of up to 6 kilometers to the centre to obtain safe water.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or donate to this project.